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spinal fusion/recovery

Started by doodle217 on 12/03/2012 5:48pm

I had a lumbar fusion 2 yrs ago, l5-s1. It did help, but took a yr to fuse completely. 6 months later, tore the meniscus in my right knee. I went to physical therapy which aggravated my healing back and an old neck injury. I have been a surgical nurse for 17 yrs, tried to go back to work but could only work part time at most. !then a yr to the day had a 4 level neck fusion. That was 1 yr ago and im feeling worse now-different set of aches and pains-had to go on disability . My eorld has been turned upside down. Im depressed, my marriage is always strained and my kids (3) never know what to do for me and consider me a sort of cripple. I did every possible prior to having surgery; phys thrpy, medications, injections - everything! With both suregeries i felt better at first but after 6 months or so my pains came back with a vengence. I may b looking at more surgery hut i can tell u that u cant hurry this type of surgical recovery, which i tried to do. I was a cross country runner and aerobics instructor but now its a struggle to take my dog for even a walk around the block. My prayers go out to all of u. And any advice for me would b gratefuuly appreciated. Doodle217

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