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DDD C2-C7 diagnosis after L2-S1 spinal fusion

Started by lisap7 on 09/13/2012 6:41am

Not sure what to do now...In 2009 I had a 4 level spinal fusion w/instrumentation. Have now been diagnosed w/DDD C2-C7. Plus L1 has lost "considerable" vertebral height.(at the time of surgery, Dr. was concerned that L1 would cause issue but felt it would be too much to go to a 5 level fusion)

I have tried chiropractic, TENS, PT with zero results. I am currently on Opana, Norco Zanaflex and Ativan. I have tried Lyrica, Cymbalta, Duragesic Patch, Morphine...Better living thru chemistry-huh?

I am on total disability and really don't want another surgery but I am getting more and more frustrated with how much this is impacting ALL areas of my life. Does anyone have any suggestions on possible treatments that might relieve the pain and stiffness in my upper back?

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I use a foam noodle for my upper back. I move slowly, one vertebra at a time. It helps with the stiffness. I have a 2 level level lumbar fusion, and a one level c-spine fusion. The thoracic pain is tough, everything gets so stiff and I can't seem to bend enough to, "pop" my back.
I liked your, "Better living... Chemistry" comment. Keep that humor, otherwise it's just misery upon misery.
Hope you find some relief soon.
Janet. :)


What works well for me is a heating pad and Methadone, Tizandine (muscle relaxer), have they tried a spinal neurostimulator? It's like a tens unit, but better. Also, massage helps me alot too. I wish you luck.


Were you told what was causing the pain in you upper back? Mine is so painful. My surgeon keeps saying that he believes it's referred pain from my neck...But that was fused in Sept. and the pain is getting worse. He just did a c-spine myelogram and CT , I wish he would have looked at my T-spine as well, but he's the Dr.
Anyway, keep us updated, I will be looking forward to your posts.