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Neck spasms

Started by Scanby on 08/14/2012 9:38pm

I have read so many of your entries and feel for all of you. I am 2 1/2 weeks post-op C5/C6 ACD Fusion with bone graft and steel plate and 4 screws. Of course I have pain but it is being tolerably managed with meds. What scares me (and I was warned pre-op about this) was debilitating neck spasms. They started about a week ago and they don't happen every day but when they do happen you simply crumple to the floor in agony. There are no warning signs - at least none that I recognize. I'm not driving yet and dont leave the house very often but God forbid this should happen in public. I have been prescribed Valium for this but when you crumple to the floor you can't exactly get to the pill bottle. You can't even get off the floor. Have any of you experienced this? Are there some warning signs they're coming on that I'm not recognizing? Are there triggers to these spasms I don't realize? About how long can I expect this to go on? Not only are they excruciatingly painful, they're terrifying!!
Thanks in advance for any info/experiences you have to share. And thanks for what I've already learned from all of you. For example memory foam pillow and biofreeze...

Best wishes to all of you!

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