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PEMF Therapy is a miracle for chronic pain

Started by anahis66 on 03/06/2012 11:21pm

I saw it on Dr Oz & my chiro bought a mat. It's been 4 weeks and my pain is greatly reduced. If this keeps up I'll be virtually pain free in 2 months. No meds, no surgery, no shots!!! I have severe dgd, si joint dysfunction, piriformis syndrome, hypermobility disorder, arthritis, stenosis and on & on! THIS WORKS!!!! It's the same science at MRI. Orthapedeists have been using it to mend bones for years. Now it turns out it works for soft tissue issues as well. It also increases bone density. Do research becuase apparently there are a lot of fakes out there. See PEMF.com or Dr Oz web site.

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btw I pay $200 per month for daily 20 minute therapy. I will most likely buy my own mat after a while. The first 3 times I was nauseous but it only lasted half an hour or so. My (miraculous) chiropractor is Matt Colman at Hayes Valley Wellness and would probably post information on his website about what type of mat to buy as he did a bunch of research before ordering his (from germany),