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Devil's Claw for Pain

Started by 100000829633413... on 03/05/2012 3:08am

I just wanted to tell you about my and my husband's results from using this Root after seeing it on Dr. Oz. My Husband has bad knee's and has been on meloxicam 15mg for 7 yrs. he get's Baker's Cysts if he doesn't use it. But conveniently his WC insurance won't pay for it, so he decided to try the Devil's Claw after watching Dr. Oz with me one day. I'm the one that usually watches him so I was pretty surprised when he decided to do this, and read up on it on the internet and then went and got it at the Heath Food Store.

I must tell you Dr. Oz said that it took about 9 days to take effect, on day 7 with no anti-inflamitories my hubby was about to give up on it. But he stuck it out, and sure enough this stuff works great, not only anti-inflam but for pain too!
So after watching him for a month now I decided to see, I am a much more complicated case, I have Spondylosis, several herniated discs in my back, a head injury, migraines, a neck injury, unregulated Chronic Pain, I'm a walking mess so I figured that there was no way that this stuff could help me. I was getting injections, iblations, epidurals, and I have gone through so many kinds of pain pills that aren't working. I am on meloxicam (anti-inflamitory), and cyclobenzaprene (muscle relaxer), sumitriptin (migraines).

I told you I was a mess, and to top that off, I was going down hill fast, my pain doctor wasn't listening to me anymore. And I was getting weaker, and weaker, I am 48 yrs. old~ I had my Daughter help me look up the meds for bad reactions to Devils Claw, and also found out the benefits of it. It helps not only anti-inflamitory, and pain, it helps gout, migraines, and so many other things, about 5 things that I listed above! so I tried it for those days, and I went off meloxicam, and stayed on everything else, and you know what for the first day, and the first time in 10 years, I had a day without any pain~and I didn't have to take any Topimax (Nerve Pain) I didn't even realize that I hadn't needed any all day! but I couldn't believe it~the first time in 10 years! I'm gonna keep you updated, as I am a work in progress, but I do know this from the bottle it says that it has been used in Africa as a pain reliever and other things for many years. But don't bother if you have Ulcers...and be sure and double check your meds for reactions, you already have enough problems you don't need anymore:)

I only hope it helps you as much as it helped me, I only wish someone had told me about it 9 3/4 years ago...God Bless and Hang in There Everyone

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