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spondylitic spondylolisthesis L5-S1

Started by 100000170592207... on 11/09/2011 7:20am

After having problems with my sciatic nerve especially when I sit I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with this condition. I have seen two doctors and both have recommended surgery. But I am scared too death to have surgery. I hear so many people recommending not to have surgery unless I'm really in pain that I can not tolerate. At this point I can tolerate the pain its just annoying sometimes. In the last 3 years I had started really working out doing weights and spinning class as well as doing boot camps. The doctor said the weights was only irritating my back causing the sciatic pain. I would like to get feedback from you what has you all experience with not having surgery or the ones that had surgery what was your experience.
I wonder if I avoid surgery will that cause further damage to my back and nerves? Or can I live a normal active life without surgery?

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would depend on what grade you are.
if your a grade one i would say try ice.
see your doctor and try to get something for inflamation.
i know sciatic pain is a pain.
and it can drive you nuts.
but if your spondy gets to the point.
were you are in a pain clinic and had the shots.
and the pain meds aren't doing it for you any more.
then its time for surgery.
it should be your last choice.
before surgery you need to think about the down time.
you will not be able to do anything for 6 months.
but set around.
you will climb walls.
plus surgery will change everything about your life.
no more lifting heavy things.
limits how much movement in your lower back.
not to mention bills.
you can get help paying for the surgery.
but its allot of work.
i had the surgery.
and it is the best thing for me.
no longer in PAIN.
off pain meds all together.
if you get the pain under contral and your back hasn't moved.
i would say change what you are doing.
no lifting heavy things.
no more bending forward to pick things up.
treat your back as if its broke,broke.
and maybe you will get many years down the road before you have to think surgery.
but if its bad and you went threw the steps as in MRI , pain clinic and back shots.
then its time.