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Neck pain and headaches

Started by buddie111 on 07/26/2011 11:52am

I have herniated discs up high, C-2 & C-3 I think it is. I get terrible, terrible headaches that make me feel nauseous at times and are just throbing, and just recently found out from my general doctor as he was giving me a reflex test, that I do not respond to it on my right side. My middle finger jumped on my left side when he did it, but nothing at all responded on my right side. An orthaopedist said the nerve is pinching causing the headaches. I have also had epidurals which helped, but the problem kept coming back and my insurance won't cover them forever. I have constant pain in my shoulder muscle also. I recently saw an acupunturist who also performed thoracic manipulation on the right side and back of my neck. It was very painful and is very sore today after the therapy. I am just wondering if this is indeed safe and effective, and should it have hurt that badly when he was doing it? He assured me that he realized it was painful, but that it needed to be done to help in relieving the problem. I will definitely endure the pain if it will help, but I just wanted to be sure that this will be doing more good than harm. I am desperate anymore with these headaches!! Thanks so much!

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Hi Buddie. Have your ever tried chiropractic care? I don't know about acupuncture, as I've never had it. I do know that my daughter-in-law Loretta was in a serious car accident about 3 years ago, and it caused severe headaches and numbness in her hands. She had severe headache everyday for a long time. The Seattle chiropractor gave her a manual adjustment and told her that her cervical vertebrae were all out of whack, and that one was pressing done on a pair of her cervical nerves. They run out to the arms, instead of down the spine.

She still has to go once a month, but her insurance covers it and she only pays like $30 a month.
You could read some info. about chiropractics athttp://www.northwestspineclinic.com I just know that life's too short to live with pain. I hope you get some relief soon.


I also have the the same issues for the last 5yrs. from whiplash from a car accident. I was getting Very bad migraines with this and numbness and shoulder pain!! I aslo have tried EVERYTHING except surg. chiro. accupunture, injections ect. I am still on like 4 or 5 different meds and see a pain specialist. I had a radiofrequency ablation to my neck and shoulder nerves and it seemed to be the only thing that really helped!! maybe ask about it.. Also Amitriptyline a low dose of like 25mg at bed is what really keeps my headaces away and sleep really well! It is a know treatment for migraines also a med that hasn't had any horrible side effects!! Good Luck the headaces are horrible!!


You need to see a pain specialist. I have disc bulges and herniations the entire length of my cervical spine with muscle spasams (whiplash type condition). I have daily headaches and frequent migraines. I was being treated by a neurologist for the headaches and migraines with medications ranging from Amitriptyline to Propranolol to Depakote. He completely got me off of narcotics. During this time (approx. 2yrs.) I had headaches and migraines 27/7. I was in hell.
I do continue to have daily headaches and my migraines are down to 1 or 3 a week. I have had cervicla epidurals and facet blocks with little improvement. Next step radio frequency. I am back on narcotic medications but I limit it to 3 days a week whenever possible and I have a better response. If you have trouble sleeping, do yourself a favor and get Melatonin. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid (your body naturally produces Melatonin) and you don't have to worry about side effects. My dose varies from 1 to 4 mg at bedtime or 1 hour prior to bed depending on how bad my pain is. The more pain the higher the dose. Also, get your self a cervical collar to wear at night. This will help to decrease your pain overnight.