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the right treatment for cervical disc disease

Started by billyBear on 07/11/2011 3:41pm

I was diagnosed with “Multilevel spondylotic disc disease of the cervical spine most prominent at c5-6, and c6-7 levels”.

What could be the cause? I am a 51 year’s old IT profession. No any injury or health issue.

What would be the right treatment at this moment?

My MRI report says –

At C5-6, there is a small right posterolateral disc protrusion mildly effecting the anterior thecal sac and right lateral recess. There is mild to moderate right neural foraminal narrowing. The left neural foramen is patent.

At the C6-7 level, there is a broad-based left posterolateral disc protrusion which appears partially extruded. There is mild effacement of the anterior thecal sac and partial effacement of the left lateral recess. There is mild narrowing of the left neural foramen.

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Hi Billybear,

I'm 55 and my situation is similar to yours.
My MRI reads: Streightening of the normal cervical lordosis, consistent with muscle spasm. Focal disc herniation on the right indenting the thecal sac on the right at C5-6. Left paracentral disc herniation indenting the thecal sac on the left at C6-7. Diffuse disc bulging causing bilateral foraminal narrowing at C6-7 causing mild ventral compression.

For the past half year I have pain in my right arm and disconfortness in neck and shoulder area. Nerve test of EMG normal.

A surgen at a spinal care place wants to operate on me immidietly, taking out the two problem discs, put new in and fuse them in the back using a metal piece. I was scared of this idea. So his 2nd option is ACD (Anterior Cervical Discecptomy). At this point I really don't feel it's necessary to go into a surgery yet. But I don't know what else to do and this surgent will not tell me any other options. I need some directions at this point and the doctors I have seen so far seemed not willing to tell me much.

Please help me, and many thanks in advance for any help!


To michelleinpain, I would get a second opinion. Everything I've read suggests that conservative treatment (ie non-surgical treatment) should be exhausted before surgery is considered. I have a friend who is a neurologist and he has said that as well. I was just diagnosed with a C6-C7 disc bulge from falling down stairs and surgery was not even mentioned at all. I would definitely get a second opinion. From what your results read, it doesn't sound critically urgent so take your time before you make a decision that could have serious consequences.

To billyBear, I am not sure what could cause that except there are some degenerative diseases that would not necessarily have to do with a specific health issue or injury, but just from normal aging processes and perhaps genetics and/or lifestyle/diet over time. Maybe even certain repetitive uses, I'm not sure. My hernia/bulge is from an injury. You would have to discuss the options for treatment with a doctor. Why did you get an MRI in the first place and who ordered it? If it was your primary physician, they should have explained the results and referred you to a specialist. Actually, whichever doctor ordered it should have explained the results and referred you to a specialist who would explain it further and give you information about treatment options.


to imanygirl, thank you for your advice.