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Fustrated...ALIF in January and still in major pain!

Started by richard21040 on 10/07/2010 6:04pm

Thanx for reading and thanx even more for any input.
You would think that I would be better at this point, yet I feel far from it. I blew out my L4 and L5 disks when I fell on a hill May'09. Caused mad badk pain, siatica, and my left leg was numb from knee down on the outside as well as my foot.
After PT and many lumbar Injections the decision was made to have surgery. That was ough enough in itself, the first 2 months of recovery were brutal.
After the initial healing process, I was feeling better. Overall pain levels down, and the numbness was gone...and still is :).
However that didnt last but a few months itself. Siatic pain is back, although a recent lumbar injection has seemed to help alittle. But my back is as bad if not worse at times!!!! and thats with the use of narcotic meds.
I was able to increase my walikng to 2-3miles at one point, and at this point a mile sometimes seems to much.
The most recent Dr apointment was just a refill apointment for meds. Dr said it is too soon to have another injection and we would go over future pain mangement plans in Nvember at our next visit.
I DO NOT want to get cut agin....but the neuro surgon has not rulled it out.

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I`m recovering from a fusion 7/22/10.I`m in worse shape now than per surgery still in massive pain. I have gone to two doc`s They both said I should be in better shape than I am. I`m ready to give up. i`ve had enongh pain for life. I couldn`t live through another fusion could you? I really don`t think I will ever get better it is time for me to face this. My surgen said I was doing fine it takes 1 year to recover!! I hope he`s right for the both of us. Best of luck to you, Sam