Walking to Ease Pain

One step at a time

Feet walking in the grassThe last thing my surgeon told me when I was leaving the hospital was that walking was the best thing I could do for my back. I remember walking first down my driveway and back up. Then one house away and back. I added houses untill I could stop counting houses and start counting minutes. I always enjoyed walking but I never knew how much it could set me free.

I had to repeat a mantra of heal- toe, heal-toe and concentrate like crazy, and sometimes even that did not keep me straight! I believe my husband knows by heart every crack, bump and any other inperfection in the sidewalks in our entire neighborhood! 

My back always felt so much better the day after a walk. Once I was walking well and did not have to think about it so much, I could think and sort through things on my mind. I started to go out with my kids. I felt more comfortable going to their schools when my gait improved. 

One thing I learned the hard way is that it is very difficult to walk on carpet. For some crazy reason a mall in my city decided to carpet the entire mall. My son was playing in a jazz band at Christmas time and we went to see him. I took a couple of steps and realized that it felt like something was weighing my feet down, my legs felt like they were a hundred pounds too. By the time we made it to the band I was so hurt I wanted to cry. Let me tell you, I did not want to walk out of there. I do not to this day walk on carpet.

Sand at the beach was bad too, but I found that walking sideways like a crab helped get through that. My husband will also walk in front of me and pre-pack the sand, and that is easy to walk in as long as I stay in his foot prints. Oh and a great alternative to "mall" walking is the home stores. I prefer them because malls sometimes get too crowded and it hurts me to get bumped. The home stores have wide, long aisles.

Sometimes I still have some difficulty walking. An off day, I sit too long and my legs are numb for a little while. I'm tired and just cannot concentrate. So okay, time to put the feet up and do some knitting!