Snow Bound X Two Weeks

Talk about an aching back...

Cold weather is tough on me in general. Cold, wet weather is torture. My back just radiates pain all the way down to my legs. I have found out these last two weeks, that snow adds an interresting element into the mix. I feel like the tin man but without the oil can to help loosen me up!Winter Driving - country road in winterMy northern friends always thought it was so funny the way 2 inches of snow closes my coastal city down. I thought it was prettty funny too, however; after having snow storms for two weeks in a row I'm not laughing much. Oh yea, the city has been down, the kids out of school, and me in pain. My real spinal cord has been replaced by a burning hot rod of steel that does not even let me move! I knit. I crochet, anything to keep my mind busy. I dread to think about how the kids are going to make up the days they have missed. I wonder how long it is going to take me to recover from this long break in my routine.

I did get out last week to see my Dr. I found out that it is a good thing I decided to change my eating habits because I am pre-diabetic. I made a huge pot of veggie soup. Yellow squash, carrots, cabbage, onions, broccoli, and zuccini. Yum much better than any gooey, hot stew or chicken and dumplings...right?

I have not started at the gym yet because my pain management appointment was postponed until today. I drove in the snow for about the third time in my life. It took me two tries to get out of my drive way and my street was pretty slick, but the main roads were clear so once I was on them I was fine. I now have a guideline to follow at the gym so I (hopefully) will not hurt myself.

Everything seems to be coming together, slower than I thought. I know I will need a little time for my body to adjust after this forced "homestay," and adjust to this winter weather, if that is even possible. Maybe I can call my PT for advice on that. I'm hoping the snow goes away soon. I will have to invent a portable heating body suit or something!