Marching On Through March

Handling Breakthrough Pain

When I first started going to pain management I only had to go every three months. That was great for me because the trip itself was very painful. I had settled into a routine of doctor visits and trying to adjust to my life at home. I had other body issues besides pain.words "pain management" on a tablet with a stethoscope lying nearbyFentanyl Patch
The first opioid they suggested I try was the fentanyl patch 25mcg/hour every three days. I agreed to try it . I would try anything at that point. I did like it, it allowed me to do some of the things I had not been able to do yet, like work a little in my garden and exericise.

Handling Breakthrough Pain
When I mentioned that it seemed to wear off or some in the afternoon I was given hydrocodone10mg/325mg for break through pain. I guess I was okay most of the time but I sill had times of terrible pain, and would feel so desperate. When ever I asked questions, I never seemed to get positive answers. I was still not able to sit for very long. Not long enough to eat a meal with my family. I missed out on a lot of my childrens acivities durring this time.

I had already built up a great relationship with my new PCP, and he as helping me with some of my other issues. There seems to be a million of them when you have an injured spinal cord. I needed to call him to set up an appointment, but a stranger answered the phone and said he was no longer practicing here! That he had gone to his family in Alabama (I had to squeeze that out of her). I must have cried for three days, I actually made myself sick. I just could not believe he would take off like that, and he was so good! I had no clue how I would ever find another doctor.

When I went to my pain management a few weeks later, I was back on my feet and feeling better. When my PA was finished with our appointment, she told me that she would not be there anymore! Oh, I could not believe my ears. I tried hard to not cry, but you know there is only so much one person can take. It is so hard to find people that even have the first clue about spinal cord tumors; people who are nice and listen, and know what to do are rare. I felt like I was losing medical support team. I just did not know what was going to happen to me. Before I left that day, the doctor upped my patch to 50mcg/hour.