March Madness: Part II

St.Patrick's Day

Today is the day my family is getting together to celebrate St. Patrick's day. We are going to a parade and then back to my house for corned beef and cabbage. I know, they really do not eat that in Ireland. It is just what we like. We always celebrate this day together. We are a very large Irish family and stay very close. The branch of the family here in Virginia is just my late Father's family. There is my Mom, two older brothers, me, my husband, most of our children (5), and grandchildren (4). Plus spouses, and a few friends that are more family than friend.

Looking back
This family saved my life. When I came home after spine tumor surgery, no one knew what to do for me. My neurosurgeon did his job; he released me and referred me to a neurologist. I liked my neurologist, and he tried very hard to help me. In truth though, he had no idea what to do for me, and ended up sending me to a pain management clinic that was run by a neurologist. My neurosurgeon hoped the neurologist would have the knowledge to help my nerve damage and the pain.

During that time, I found a new primary care doctor (PCP).  I just could not imagine seeing my old doctor. I wasn't upset that he had misdiagnosed me for nine months. I was extremely distressed that he never even contacted me after he found out what was wrong with me. So I like my new PCP, and he actually had some knowledge about spinal cord tumors!  

I started at the pain clinic and was assigned to a very good Physician Assistant. I became hopeful that everything might be alright. By this time, I had been in pain almost one year, and I was very anxious to find a way to get out of pain! Honestly, I didn’t know how I was supposed to live like this! I was unable to even just sit in a chair. The only time I didn't feel pain was when I was sleeping. I couldn't sleep forever. I needed to prepare for my family, and it always takes me longer to do things. That's ok. I'm up and walking, and today the sun is supposed to shine! What else can I ask for?