March Madness

Part I: March should be Pain Management Month!

March is a strange month for me. I celebrate an anniversary that is both terrible and happy at the same time. This year it will be six (6) years since I have taken narcotics! This year I do have a little something extra to celebrate though, making it a happier occasion. I have been wanting to talk more about pain management, but I have been trying to think of the best way to talk about what happened to me without scaring people away from it. I love my pain management now, and I'll tell you more about that later.

Feeling in my left leg again!
The extra bit that I have to celebrate is something I have mentioned before, my left leg has feeling again. I finally made it to the gym with what my doctors said I could and could not do, and had a work-out planned for me. Just trying the machines made me so sore immediately! I could barely walk on shakey legs.

Baby steps
The trainer told me I should start with 3 sets of 12 reps each and forgive me, all I could do was laugh. Ha! I can't help but laugh now just remembering it, oh it was funny. I am sitting there thinking I am going to die and she, the little ball of muscled energy is just writing up a routine for me that I may be doing by next year sometime. Once I explained my situation to her, she was real sweet and changed the routine to 5 reps. Baby steps. I'll be happy if I can do the 5 reps, since I never thought I'd even make it into a gym on my own. I had doctors tell me I wouldn't, couldn't.

Fueling my body
My diet. You know it is amazing how much stuff we use that is packaged and we don't realize it. When I decided to try eating only natural food, I almost starved halfway through the week when all the fresh fruit and veggies were gone. I learned real quick to clean and chop some celery, carrots, raddishes, etc. and throw them into my tupperware pickle keeper so I can get to them easily and have something to munch on.

Pictures of my spine tumor
I found these pictures of my tumor. They are from a scan two years ago this summer. One shows my tumor all snuggled up in my cord. The other is from the other side, showing how my cord is tethered to the dura and pushed out of shape by the tumor. That is why I have pain. My nerves go crazy there. When I write again in a couple of days I will talk about pain management and what happened to me. I think March should be pain management month. People need to be educated that is for sure!

lipoma T6-T9