How To Get a Job?

I am on my way to self sufficiency

I did not realize I haven't been here in so long. Time sure does just slip away. I was finishing up the last part of school and my Mother had heart surgery, which was quite traumatic. I am most grateful that she is near enough that I could be with her during that time.lady in formal clothes is thinking about the best way to find a jobSo, I am ready to get a job. I went to school for medical billing and coding. The big question is, "Explain the gap in your work history."  I haven't worked since 2001.

  • When I tell them them about the tumor and that part of it is still there, are they going to write me off right then and there?
  • Or will they be impressed by the fact that I am rehabilitated enough to once again return to the real world and became re-educated to do so.
  • Should I allow them to question me all they want about it, or should I politely cut it short? I really don't want to be asked questions that I can't answer.

I remember when my biggest worry was what I was going to wear. I never had to worry about me. Sometimes I absolutely hate that this tumor is part of my life, my life that I want back. It is kind of funny. My youngest child is a Junior in high school (he was three when I was first diagnosed) and he has to do a Senior project. He told me he was thinking about doing it on spinal cord tumors to raise peoples' awareness about them. I told him I could show him some places to get information. Later on I thought, what would I tell him if he asked me what it was like to live with this tumor? Would I talk about the pain, what it does to a family, what it does to a person's life?

I know I will never have my life back like it was before the tumor, and I still grieve for that life sometimes. I still feel strange in this different body that just don't obey me any more. But I have learned to laugh too and to move on and do the best that I can. So wish me luck so that the next time that I write I am telling you about my new job!