Different Approach

Can diet shrink my lipoma?

I'm still a little out of sorts since my doctor's visit. One day I'm up and can deal with it, and the next I feel like I just don't know what to do. Like I have a choice. If I could just get away from the pain. I resent the fact that everyone around me so casually expects me to keep going on every day feeling this pain. Yet you should hear them hoot and holler when they get a temperary boo boo. Makes me want to pull my hair out.

Woman pushing a cart full of healthy foodsI really thought I was gettng close to being almost normal again. So anyway I chatted with a friend on facebook who lives on the other side of the world. He also has a lipoma in his spinal cord. He shared with me what they do over there to treat the lipoma. It is mostly restricting the diet, juicing, herbs, and vitamins. So I am thinking about trying that also. I have had a chance to research some of it so far, oh yeah, and yoga!  I am familiar with some yoga, the parts I know I am not supposed to do because of my cord being tethered, no stretching of the back. But I am pretty sure I can do the moves for getting more oxygen into the body.

Any kind of juicing program seems too radical to me, and I like eating my veggies so I don't think I will do that. I won't mind trying some new herbs though. My next MRI is next June so I have a year to see if diet can shrink my tumor. I have asked a few doctors in the USA, some say yea, and some say nay. Since I can't make it any worse by trying, I think I should at least try. So today I think I will have my last jelly donut, or should I make it a boston creme?