Christmas Greetings

Christmas can invoke different feelings in people; this one blessing I would like to share with you.

I know Christmas can invoke different feelings in people, it is a very emotional time. I struggle with this time of year myself. Not because of my childhood. My parents made Christmas a joyous, loving, wonderful time. Its what happened to me as an adult that made me dread Christmas sometimes. This year is different. It is already a wonderful, exciting time. I am reaping blessings beyond belief. This one Blessing I would like to share with you. 

In an earlier post I had written about going to a conferrence with the Spinal Cord Tumor Association (SCTA) this last summer. I wrote about how incrediable it was to meet and speak with people like me, and how I didn't want to go home when the conferrence was over. I still keep in touch with most everyone on the facebook page SCTA has and that has helped me a lot. I still wished there was someone near me I could talk to and be with. Well.....

I was going to the store one morning, and I seen a lady walking with bags. She seemed to be struggling a little, so I just decided to turn arround and ask her if she would like a ride. She said, "You know what, yes!" and she explained that she normally would have said, "No," but she was not feeling well that day. I told her that I usually didn't ask people if they needed rides! So as we were chatting away, we discovered that not only did we both have SPINAL CORD TUMORS, but we had the same surgeon!!!

I think we both looked crazy jumping all around in the seats, both trying to talk at the same time! We couldn' get each others information fast enough. When we arrived at her house, we traded phone numbers and hugged. I was the happiest person in the world right then. I was thinking God sent her to me because I had just lost my best friend a little over a week ago. I went straight home to tell my husband, I stayed hyped up for days, and I'm still incredibly happy.

My friend, Nisey and I get together whenever we can, and talk on the phone whenever we need to. It's comforting just knowing she is there and so close, I can walk to her house! Yesterday we went for pedicures and she treated me to an eyebrow waxing (ouch). We laughed our pain away. Nisey thinks we need to pamper ourselves and be beautiful, it's like a shield from the hurt and pain we must words, her concept. I've been thinking about that and I think she may be right. 

Now I walk with a lighter step, so what if I miss step here or there as long as I'm stepping. I'm looking forward to a Merry Christmas and to starting a brand New Year!  Merry Christmas to all of you and I wish for you the best New Year ever!