If you have ever been taken care of or taken care of a loved one as an adult you know how critical good care can be to recovery. Whether its a spouse, parent, child, or even a friend a care taker is a special person. Lets face it, no one starts out thinking they will become a care taker, and it can happen quit suddenly, not even giving a person time to mull over what they are getting themselves into!

Couple holding hands at the beachI came to admire my husband because when it seemed no one else in the world believed me, he did. He trusted my word. My instinct that something was terribly wrong. After my prognosis and surgery, he became my hero when he not only cared for me but held down his job, took kids to sport practice (never missed one), cooked, and everything else that needed to be done. He never lost his humor. He took me walking every evening. I dont think I could have done as good of a job, and stayed so upbeat.

I was always thankful and as I recoved I took over what chores I was capable of doing. We worked out a pretty good system of me doing light chores and a little cooking. I cried a lot at first when I could not do some things. Stupid little things. That would snowball into me thinking about ALL the things I could no longer do and how much I missed our life.....

The day finally came when I realized that I was truly on the way to recovery and ready to rely even less on my care taker. That day was when I started to look forward to what I could do next!!

My children also helped take care of me, especially when we went out in public. Since it hurts me to be bumped into they surround me like a human bumper pad so no one can get near me. I feel sorry for the first person who dare touch me with a shopping cart! Im getting around pretty good now, so everyone has relaxed a little. 

This shout out is to all care takers: Thank you! your love, dedication, care and energy is so appreciated!!!! Every day we love you, every day.