Balances and Checks

Lack of balance doesn't keep me away from the gym!

Yesterday the sun was shinning so beautifully bright that I had to step outside to feel it. It has been very cold here and quite gloomy. I lifted my face to the sun and the warmth was immediate, and wonderful! Before I knew it I shut my eyes in complete enjoyment of it and started to stumble my way into a fall. I cannot stand or walk with my eyes closed or in the dark. I cannot stand on a chair or a ladder and not see my feet, or I will get a simular sensation.
Towel around girl's neck and a bottle of water in her handWhen I close my eyes, it feels like all of a sudden my feet only have an inch or so of feeling on the bottom and it throws my entire balance off. When I am standing on something it feels like my feet are slipping, even when I know they are not, I cannot stop my body from reacting like they are. This is one of the strangest things that happens to me now, that just doesn't make sense, to me anyway. 

I practice my balance just about every day. I used to love to dance, and I danced all the time. Now I mostly line dance because it is painless and easy on the back.  Maybe if I keep it up my brain will finally realize I can cope in the dark too! I hope so!

I know not to give up and that the spinal cord is very surprising sometimes and so little is still known about it, that I must keep on looking too. Looking for the answers, trying some different ways of improving. So if this is happening to you, it is "normal" for us, and I would love to have any suggestions that help. I do take it all in good humor it can be quite funny at times, and bothersome at others. Only when I forget, and it is easy to get wrapped up in a moment, then it can be frightful. 

I am off to the gym...we will talk about that soon too!