Bad Day

what to do?

Woman lying down having pain I just had a bad day, very bad day. Pain was so overwhelming that I was falling off my own feet. Sounds funny, I know and I would never believe it myself if it didn't happen to me. I could barely lift my left foot off the ground. I don't know if I should rest or stay active to get past times like this. If I rest by lying down and I fall asleep, I won't feel anything for awhile.

What worries me the most is how many more years do I have to live like this? 

There is no money for research for spinal cord tumors because they are so rare. Maybe they need to change what is researchable. Change it from how rare something is to how painful it is. What quality of life a person is left with. That would bring spinal cord tumors right to the top of the list.  

If you have a spinal cord injury whether it is a tumor or any other cause, what helps on the bad days? Activity or rest? If you have children to care for, how do you manage that? It is kind of interresting, the things people come up with to help them through the day.

I can't pull blue jeans from the washing machine so I always wait until I know my husband is going to be home before I wash them. There is other tasks that I time around having some one available to help me. It took me a little while to get used to being dependant like that, but when you have no choice...

Im gratefull for what I can do that is for sure. I fought hard. I just don't want to fight it for the rest of my life.