Back Pain and My Son

I couldn't believe my son already is having "back problems"

My son called me and said he had to go to the ER because of back pain. Don't you know my heart dropped. They did a CAT scan and referred him to a neurosurgeon. He asked me what some of the terms on the CT scan report meant, but I did not know. Of course, I told him to log onto so he could look up information, and even watch a video of a procedure. I also asked him if I could tag along to the doctor's office with him. I really just wanted to hear for myself what was going on. In my opinion, he is way too young for his back to be blowing out already.Physical Exercise word cloud with other associated wordsMy son will have four weeks of physical therapy. It was suggested he lose some weight. Hopefully, he will be okay with the PT, if he can strengthen his core and keep it strong. I talked to him about listening to and following the physical therapist's directions to save his spine now!  I am a great believer in PT. I know from experience how well it works if it is done as directed.

Thinking about the core, did you know that just sitting on your exercise ball while watching TV can help strengthen your core? That is one of my favorites. When my back hurts extra bad because of an activity I have done, the first thing I do is the exercises I learned in PT. They do make my back feel better. Just stretching those tight muscles can be a charm sometimes. 

Well, the snow missed us this time and I think the sun is supposed to come out today, so I have made plans to go outside. I have missed going outside. Come on Spring!