2014: Happy New "Healthier" Year!

The "New Year" has always been special to me. I not only celebrate the beginning of a new year, but also my birthday. As you can imagine, I have never had a borring birthday.

I have been thinking about this new year for a few days now. I'm not one for making resolutions. But I do know something has to change for me this year. I have lived the last 12 years in pain, and I am determined not to live this way any longer.

I know that for now the doctors cannot help me. I cannot say that I have honestly tried everything to help myself. I eat too much sugar, and caffiene, and I don't drink enough water.  I do not exercise enough. I have never tried any alternate therapys. I would like to try accupuncture.  I have been switching to more natural foods and trying for more protein. The natural part is easy for me because i have always been a veggie lover. I never drank soda but I do love my coffee!

I joined a gym last month that is open 24 hours so that I can go use the tread mill when I have insomnia and durring bad weather. I think I might eventually use their hip flexer and maybe a couple of other machines. I do need to consult with my pain management on that because Im not sure what is safe for me to use with a tethered cord. I surely don't want to start off in worse pain!

I have the good fortune of having the help of a personal trainer on line. He also has a spinal cord tumor so he not only knows his business, he knows the special circumstances I face. I would like to at least get my pain to a level to where I maybe don't notice it all the time.  Maybe to a point that I might be comfortable sometimes. Well, we shall see.

Any sugestions would be appreciated.. and I will let you know if something I try works. Happy New Year to all! Take care of your health and your back!