Tune in and turn down chronic pain

Pleasurable music triggers endomorphins, your body's built-in painkiller

Everyone knows that lullabies are very effective in soothing babies to sleep. This concept can apply to adults as well. Multiple studies have shown that listening to music daily can significantly reduce pain and depression and increase feelings of control.
This is great news for people dealing with chronic pain. While ‘zoning out’ to a good song cannot totally eliminate pain (or take the place of quality medical care, of course), it is a safe, inexpensive way for chronic pain sufferers to get some relief and push the pain away for a while.
A natural pain remedy with no side effects
Music provides a safe, natural add-on to pain treatment. Some of the same pathways in your brain that process music also process pain. (We use these same pathways with Calmare Therapy which scrambles the pain message so that it can no longer emit the pain signal).
Focusing on music keeps your mind engaged and triggers emotional responses that compete with pain pathways to lessen pain. In addition, music causes the body to release endorphins, natural painkillers, which can be effective even when traditional pain medications have failed (the same way exercising can brighten your mood and lessen stress).
Just what the doctor ordered
The idea that music can be therapeutic is not surprising to anyone who has ever turned on their favorite song to help them relax after a bad day. Music has been proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure, slowing breathing and heart rate, reducing body tension and relaxing muscles, all of which can ease your pain and lift your spirits.
And the best part is that the type of music doesn’t matter. Whether you love classic rock or classical music, pick songs that you have an emotional connection with and you will have the perfect prescription for pain.
About Dr. Cooney
Michael J. Cooney, D.C., is a chiropractic physician and clinical director of Rutherford Allied Medical Group and Calmare Pain Therapy NJ, located in Rutherford, NJ. The practice is comprised of board certified physicians, chiropractic specialists and physical therapists who treat pain biophysically, without medication.
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