Chih-Chang Chang, MD's portrait
Chih-Chang Chang, MD
Research Fellow
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

About Chih-Chang Chang, MD

Chih-Chang Chang, MD, is a Research Fellow in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Chang received his medical degree at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. He completed his neurosurgical residency and Clinical Fellowship at the Neurological Institute, Department of Neurological Surgery at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

In Taiwan, Dr. Chang is triple board certified as a medical doctor, general surgeon and neurosurgeon. He has served as an attending physician in the Department of Neurological Surgery, Neurological Institute at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital. Academically, he has served as Instructor of Clinical Skill, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine at the National Defense Medical University in Taiwan.

Dr. Chang has authored research published in peer-reviewed journals and presented case reports and study outcomes at several neurosurgical society meetings. In Taiwan, he is a contributing member of several professional medical societies, including the Taiwan Surgical Association, Taiwan Neurosurgical Society and Taiwan Neurosurgical Spine Society.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Chang CC, Huang WC, Tu TH, Chang PY, Fay LY, Wu JC, et al: Differences in fixation strength among constructs of atlantoaxial fixation. J Neurosurg Spine 30:52-59, 2018.

2. Chang CC, Huang WC, Wu JC, Mummaneni PV: The Option of Motion Preservation in Cervical Spondylosis: Cervical Disc Arthroplasty Update. Neurospine 15:296-305, 2018.

3. Chang CC, Wu JC, Chang PY, Yeh MY, Kuo YH, Fay LY, et al: Stepwise illustration of teeth-fixation semi-constrained cervical disc arthroplasty. Neurosurg Focus 42:V4, 2017.

4. Chang HK, Chang CC, Tu TH, Wu JC, Huang WC, Fay LY, et al: Can segmental mobility be increased by cervical arthroplasty? Neurosurg Focus 42:E3, 2017

5. Fay LY, Chang CC, Chang HK, Tu TH, Tsai TY, Wu CL, et al: A Hybrid Dynamic Stabilization and Fusion System in Multilevel Lumbar Spondylosis. Neurospine 15:231-241, 2018.

6. Fay LY, Huang WC, Chang CC, Chang HK, Tsai TY, Tu TH, et al: Unintended facet fusions after Dynesys dynamic stabilization in patients with spondylolisthesis. J Neurosurg Spine 30:353-361, 2018.

7. Tu TH, Chang CC, Wu JC, Fay LY, Huang WC, Cheng H: Resection of uncovertebral joints and posterior longitudinal ligament for cervical disc arthroplasty. Neurosurg Focus 42:V2, 2017.

8. Wu JC, Chang HK, Huang WC, Tu TH, Fay LY, Kuo CH, et al: Radiological and clinical outcomes of cervical disc arthroplasty for the elderly: a comparison with young patients. BMC Musculoskelet Disord 20:115, 2019.

National Meeting Presentations (Taiwan)

1. CC Chang, JC Wu, YS Yen, HH Chen, ML Liang, WC Huang, TT Wong, Henrich Cheng; Endoscopic Assisted Transoral approach for Craniovertebral Junction Lesions: Report of Two Cases and Review of Literature (2014 Taiwan Neurosurgical Society Annual Meeting).

2. CC Chang, YS Yen, YS Shih; Diagnosis of A Suprasellar Tumor Mimicking Craniopharyngioma as Germinoma with Rapid Regression after Computed Tomography(CT) Scan- A Case Report (2012 Taiwan Neurosurgical Society Annual Meeting).

3. CC Chang, HH Chen, ML Liang, TT Wong; Endoscope-assisted Transoral approach for extradural cranio-vertebral junction lesions – Two case reports (2011 Taiwan Society for Skull Base Surgery Annual Meeting).

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