Aakash Agarwal, PhD's portrait
Aakash Agarwal, PhD
Director of Research and Clinical Affairs
Spinal Balance Inc.
Toledo, OH

About Aakash Agarwal, PhD

Aakash Agarwal, PhD, is the Director of Research and Clinical Affairs at Spinal Balance Inc. Dr. Agarwal is a prolific researcher in the field of preventive and predictive science of spinal pathology and postoperative complications, such as deformity, surgical site infection, hardware failure, and spino-pelvic imbalance.

Dr. Agarwal holds several national and international patents. His major interests include translational research with immediate bench-to-bedside applicability.

He is an Editorial Board member for the journals Clinical Spine Surgery and Spine. Dr. Agarwal also served as Advisory Board member for Center for the Disruptive Musculoskeletal Innovation (CDMI) under the aegis of the National Science Foundation (NSF) from 2018 to 2020.


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Articles Reviewed by Aakash Agarwal, PhD

Can Pedicle Screw Guards Reduce Surgical Site Infections?

Surgical hardware contamination is always a risk in spine surgery, but Aakash Agarwal, PhD believes he has a solution. Learn more.

Implant-Related Management of Surgical Site Infections After Spine Surgery

Clinical pearls from the author’s review of postoperative surgical site infections; infection rate variability, readmission cost, implant loosening and aseptic revision spine surgery.

Modified SHILLA Technique for Scoliosis Remodulates the Apex Vertebra

Study findings of a modified SHILLA procedure to treat scoliosis demonstrated that active remodulation of the apex vertebra may reduce potential for loss of correction over time.

Reprocessing of Pedicle Screws and Exposure in Sterile-Field Leads to Infection in Spinal Surgery

Coauthors discuss new research that avoiding reprocessing altogether and shielding pedicle screws intraoperatively with an impermeable guard can prevent or reduce the degree of contamination and resulting SSIs.

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