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Dwight S. Tyndall, MD, FAAOS
Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
Orthopaedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana
Munster, IN
Dr. Tyndall is a member of the SpineUniverse Editorial Board.

About Dwight S. Tyndall, MD, FAAOS

Dwight Tyndall, MD is a Board Certified and Spine Fellowship trained surgeon, who is recognized as one of the top spine surgeons in the Midwest. Dr. Tyndall specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, disc regeneration therapy, and outpatient spine surgery.

-Dr. Tyndall believes that outpatient spine surgery is the future as it allows for a better patient-centered experience and faster recovery with less pain and discomfort. To this end, Dr. Tyndall, with a consortium of fellow-minded surgeons, opened an ultramodern facility in Munster, IN devoted to minimally invasive spine surgery and outpatient/same day spine surgery.

-He offers patients personalized care that includes the latest technologies and developments in the diagnosis and treatment of spine problems.

-Although Dr. Tyndall is known for his extensive experience in spine surgery, exploring all potential nonoperative treatments is his first approach before considering surgery.

-Among his accomplishments, Dr. Tyndall is a leader in motion-sparing surgical spine procedures, instrumentation and technologies that permit minimally invasive spine surgery, disc regeneration therapy, and outpatient spine surgery.

Dr. Tyndall has been passionate about medicine from a young age. He completed his undergraduate training at the Sophie Davis Accelerated Medical School program in New York City before receiving his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Tyndall completed his residency at Stanford University in Stanford, CA and Spine Fellowship at the world-renowned Hospital for Special Surgery/Cornell University Medical Center in New York City. Thereafter, the Jamaican-born, New York native relocated to the Midwest where he established his practice in Munster, IN.

Dr. Tyndall has published his research in many leading peer-reviewed medical journals, including ADVANCE for Directors in Rehabilitation, Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, and Journal of Orthopaedic Research. Furthermore, Dr. Tyndall has authored a chapter on Lumbar Spondylolisthesis and regularly presents at spine meetings and conferences.


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Case Studies Presented by Dwight S. Tyndall, MD, FAAOS

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis With Grade I Spondylolisthesis

Presented by: D. Tyndall MD, FAAOS
This 75-year-old male was initially seen three months ago. At that time, he presented with symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis and neurogenic claudication due to a L4-L5 Grade I spondylolisthesis and stenosis (L2-L3).

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