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Josh Zumstein, DC, MS
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Homewood, IL

About Josh Zumstein, DC, MS

Dr. Zumstein is the author of the professionally endorsed book Secrets to Preventing Back and Neck Pain:  60 Ways to Protect Your Spine. He is also the founder of The Back Safety and Wellness Consultants, which is dedicated to preventing, reducing, and eliminating back and neck pain through the use of his book, spine-stabilizing products, and consulting services. He has appeared on TV and radio for NBC, FOX and National Public Radio affiliates to discuss back and neck pain prevention.

While working in a chiropractic clinic outside Chicago, Dr. Zumstein encountered countless patients who asked him the same questions: why does my back hurt, how can I stop it from hurting, and how can I prevent it from hurting again?

Dr. Zumstein realized that patients not only want to get well, they want to stay well. The health care industry treats injuries well, but doesn't always prevent and explain them well. Dr. Zumstein wants to fill this void.

After receiving the unwitting inspiration from these patients, Dr. Zumstein formed The Back Safety and Wellness Consultants in 2011. Its goal: to teach people how to eliminate and prevent their back and neck pain. Dr. Zumstein began consulting for local firefighters and soon realized the greater demand for back and neck pain prevention.

Dr. Zumstein is a graduate of Marquette University and Logan College of Chiropractic. He is a doctor of chiropractic, owns a master's degree in sports rehab and science, and is certified in acupuncture and applied kinesiology. He has worked with and treated Division I collegiate and professional athletes and has spent endless hours researching his passion: eliminating back and neck pain. He currently practices chiropractic part-time outside Chicago and continues his consulting services.



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