Y. Raja Rampersaud, MD
Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, ON

About Y. Raja Rampersaud, MD

Dr. Raja Rampersaud is an orthopaedic spine surgeon at Toronto Western Hospital and clinician investigator at the Krembil Research Institute.

Dr. Rampersaud received his medical degree graduating with honors from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London, Ontario. He completed specialty training at UWO and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Rampersaud is dual fellowship trained: Orthopaedic Spine at UWO and Neurosurgical Spine at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, TN.

His areas of clinical research include minimally invasive spinal surgery, surgical outcomes, osteoarthritis and arthroplasty (ie, artificial disc replacement). Dr. Rampersaud is known worldwide for his accomplishments and has published his research in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.



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Case Studies Presented by Y. Raja Rampersaud, MD

Flexion-distraction Injury at L4-L5 in Obese Patient

Presented by: Y. Rampersaud MD
A 45-year-old overweight man (300+ pounds) had fallen out of a tree and presented complaining of back pain.

Articles Reviewed by Y. Raja Rampersaud, MD

Multifactorial Predictors of Work Status in Patients With Low Back Pain Identified

Simple questions that address the impact of an individual’s low back pain on home, play, and work life are critical to determining what is most important to the patient.

Patterns in Back Pain Over Time: Who Recovers and Who Persists?

Researchers analyzed data from a representative sample (n=12,782) of the Canadian population enrolled in the National Population Health Survey Results. Study results identified four distinct trajectories.

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