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Christina Lasich, MD
Grass Valley, CA

About Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, author of High Heels to Hormones: A Woman's Guide to Spine Care, is a concerned physician who suffers from spine pain herself.

Dr. Lasich has practiced in the area of spine rehabilitation for more than 10 years and is an award-winning graduate from the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. Although she focuses on back, neck, and other musculoskeletal injuries, she also meets the rehabilitative needs of people with spinal cord injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, muscular dystrophies, ALS, multiple sclerosis, amputations, and other painful conditions.

Prior to entering medical school, she worked as a firefighter for the California Department of Forestry. She loved the job and she found her husband. Loyal to her original dream of becoming a doctor, she hung her firefighting helmet in the closet forever in 1993. (Thankfully, she still has a great husband.)

Dr. Lasich currently has a private practice in Grass Valley, near Sacramento, CA. Her philosophy is simple: "Pain is your doorway to transformation." For more information, please visit and

Articles Written by Christina Lasich, MD

High Heels and Flip-Flops Cause Back Pain

Beauty takes its toll: after wearing high heels all day, your back may be screaming for help. Flip-flops can also hurt your spine. A women's spine specialist explains how your fashion choices can be painful.

Oral Contraceptive Use Linked to Back Pain

Do oral contraceptives lead to more back pain in women? A women's spine specialist explains the possible link between the pill and low back pain. The basic reason: it's the estrogen. Learn what the extra estrogen does to your body.

Articles Reviewed by Christina Lasich, MD

Fashion and Back Pain

Your stilettos may look killer now, but the back pain that could follow may make you wish you kept the shoes in the box.

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