Tame Stress to Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Written by Stewart G. Eidelson, MD

Life's demands create stress, and although some stress may be good, too much can cause health problems. Most people equate stress with high blood pressure, heart attacks, or stroke.  But did you know neck pain and back pain, insomnia, and weight gain can be stress-related, too?  Also, stress can make already-existing back pain feel worse. 
In short: it's a good idea to keep stress under control if you want to prevent (or deal with) back pain!

Stress and Back Pain
Financial pressures, long work weeks, and medical problems typify common anxieties and everyday stress. Prolonged stress can become chronic, resulting in muscle tension sometimes felt as a stiff, achy neck or back. And sometimes stress can lead to neck pain or back pain.

5 Stress Management Tips
These tips can help you get a grip on managing stress to relieve neck pain or back pain.

1. Check Those Vital Signs

2. Get Moving!

3. Learn to Relax

4. Control the Little Things in Life

5. Eat and Drink for Life

Remember: Dealing with Your Stress Is Good for Your Back
You may not be able to control life's stressors, but don't let everyday demands interfere with your health. Incorporate exercise, relaxation techniques, and healthy foods to tame stress and help prevent neck pain or back pain.

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