Drugs and Medications for Kyphosis

Reviewed by Jason M. Highsmith, MD

If you're experiencing pain as a result of your kyphotic curve, there are drugs and medications that you can take to deal with it. Patients with either postural or structural kyphosis can take medications to deal with pain.Talk to the doctor about the pain—the intensity, when it's the especially bad, and what makes it better. When you talk to the doctor, be sure to mention all other medications, herbs, or supplements that you take; that will help you avoid any possible negative interactions.

The doctor will probably start by recommending over-the-counter medications because these aren't as strong as prescription medication. If over-the-counter medications reduce or control the pain, then you won't have to take anything stronger.

Over-the-counter Medications for Kyphosis-related Pain

If over-the-counter medications don't sufficiently relieve your pain, the doctor may prescribe something stronger. He or she will prescribe the best medication for your pain and other symptoms.

Drugs and medications alone won't "heal" kyphosis. They are, in fact, masking one of the symptoms*mdash;pain. Take advantage of the pain-free times (or times when you have less pain) to work on strengthening your back muscles. This is particularly important if you have postural kyphosis.

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