Interventional Chronic Pain Management

Written by Steven Richeimer, MD

Interventional Pain Management Specialists

Interventional pain management (IPM) is a special area of medicine that uses injections and minor procedures to help patients control their pain. Interventional pain management specialists are trained to diagnose and treat pain-related conditions, and their goal is to improve patients' overall quality of life by helping them reduce their pain.
IPM's Role in Treating Chronic Back Pain
Interventional pain management plays a big role in chronic pain because many forms of chronic pain cannot be cured, so chronic pain sufferers must learn how to live with and work around the pain. A pain management specialist can help them find the pain relief they need to function in the day-to-day. The interventional treatments are often part of a multi-disciplinary approach that might include use of medications, psychology, and physical therapy.

Part of IPM is finding the treatment or combination of treatments that works best for you. Some possible interventional pain management treatments are:

Your interventional pain management specialist may have you try injections, which send powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications straight to the problem area. Some examples of injections used for chronic back pain are:

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