Drugs and Medications for Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Written by Steven Richeimer, MD

Drugs and medications come with a progression: you never start out with the largest dose possible of the strongest medicine. Instead, you start with over-the-counter medications to help control your pain and other symptoms. Unfortunately, many chronic pain sufferers have found that medications such as Tylenol and Aleve aren't enough for their pain.
Prescription Medication
Chronic pain patients usually need prescription medication, which is the next step on the progression of drugs and medications. What the doctor prescribes is dependent on your pain level, treatment goals, and general health. He or she will take into consideration other medications (and herbal remedies and supplements) that you're taking. Be sure to tell your doctor about everything you're on because of possible drug interactions.

Regardless of what drug your doctor prescribes, you'll start on the lowest possible dose. If that works to relieve your pain, then you've found the right medication and dosage. If it doesn't, then the doctor may consider increasing your dosage or trying another medication.

Some general categories for medications used for chronic pain are:

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