Advertising Opportunities

Marketing and SpineUniverse


Real Marketing

Are you tired of "reaching" everyone and touching no one? The answer is simple. Don't throw your marketing budget up against the wall to see what sticks. Use a scalpel to reach your target market with surgical precision. SpineUniverse reaches back pain sufferers and the spine specialists who serve them.

Recognized by Yahoo Internet Life as the premiere website for the back and neck, SpineUniverse links you to back pain sufferers worldwide. Today, our new intelligent search process allows you to reach patients and families in your area.

Manage Your Budget

SpineUniverse offers multiple ways to manage your budget. Select only a few specific ad placement venues, or limit your overall buy with pre-set controls. You want to budget $497.20 per month? No problem! Actually, we’ll probably round you up to $500.00!

Manage Your Market

Of special interest to multi-location advertisers, we can manage your ads geographically. You can show corporate branding materials to run-of-site visitors and then tailor specific materials to visitors in a particular area. For example, your advertising in the Northern States could focus on herniated disc conditions, while your Florida marketing concentrated on degenerative disc disease.

For more information on how SpineUniverse can help you reach people interested specifically in the spine, click here to contact our Marketing Team or call 973.783.7009.


Last Updated: August 24, 2018