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Driving and Back Care

Numerous studies show there is a connection between driving and back pain. You can help prevent back pain by implementing some of the suggestions for modifying your vehicle's seat.

Back Care on Airplanes

Taking a long plane ride soon and worrying about comfort? This article gives practical tips that will help you take care of your back and neck.

Workstation Ergonomics: Guidelines for Computer Use by Children

Is your child's workspace neck and back-friendly? Like adults, kids can develop back pain, too, especially if they sit at the computer for too long and with improper posture and ergonomics. Teach your child these easy ways to avoid back and neck pa

Office Ergonomics - Make Smart Choices for Back and Neck Health

SpineUniverse offers much information about office ergonomics; from chairs and computers to safe work practices.

Ergonomic Chairs and Seat Adjustment

While most people believe sitting is relaxing, sitting is actually hard on the back because it transfers the full weight of the upper body onto the buttocks and thighs.

Ergonomically Designed Computer Products: Are All Beneficial?

Keyboard, mousing, writing and viewing documents on a computer monitor require different height adjustments for an optimal ergonomic work space.

Align Your Spine for Better Body Mechanics

Good posture combined with health body mechanics can help you prevent an episode of neck or back pain. These simple exercises can help head off spine pain.

Tips for Snow Shoveling: How to Avoid Back Pain

Keep your back safe this winter with our tips for preventing back pain while shoveling snow. Article covers the best type of shovel, what you should wear, and what you should do before heading out in the winter wonderland.

Healthy Back Habits for Caregivers

According to the results of a recent study, the stresses and strains of providing care to an ill loved one may take a considerable toll on the mental and physical health of caregivers—including their back and spine health.

Ergonomics: The Human Body and Injury Prevention

Ergonomics is concerned with how our environment interacts with our work. It also looks for ways to decrease the risks of injury and illness. Learn more in this article.

Proper Backpack Habits

Teaching children healthy backpack habits can provide lasting benefits for their back health, according to the results of a recent study.

Back Pain Prevention at Work

A chiropractor provides tips on building an ergonomic, spine-friendly home office.

High-risk Jobs: Is Your Job Putting Your Spine at Risk?

Many occupations place workers at high risk for back injury. You might be surprised to learn how extensive the list is. Is your job on here? What can you do to prevent back pain and neck pain at work?

5 Tips to a Spine-Friendly Work Space

Five tips to help make your work space spine-friendly. Get tips on the best chair, where you should place the computer, and how to sit properly.

Back Care for Dentists and Surgeons

Doctors and Dentists are not immune from back pain related to being on their feet all day. This article outlines some ways that health care professionals can tackle their back pain head on.