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Packing Pain: Study Reveals New Insights About Backpack Pain

Teen girls appear to experience more severe backpack-related pain compared to boys, and the time carrying the backpack—not the weight—is likely causing that pain.

Do Sit-Stand Desks Help Burn Calories without Causing Back Pain?

Can regular use of sit-stand desks help burn calories and prevent weight gain when combined with other low-intensity activities?

Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Back?

If you are reading this article on a cell phone or tablet, you are probably doing it right now:Tilting your head forward and down in order to look at your device.

CrossFit® Training: What You Need to Know

CrossFit, which was founded in 2000, is a training program that aims to enhance strength and aerobic conditioning. It brings together all types of people to improve physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness.

Summer Safety Tips for Your Neck and Back Health

Here, Dr. Tyndall shares important tips about how to stay safe and healthy—prevent the risks for spine injuries—while being active this summer.

Driving and Back Care

Many studies show a connection between driving and back pain. You can help prevent back pain by implementing some of the suggestions for modifying your vehicle's seat.

Sitting, Redefined

Many are using stability balls in place of traditional chairs to improve posture, concentration, learning, and prevention of back pain.

Back Care on Airplanes

Taking a long plane ride soon and worrying about comfort? This article gives practical tips that will help you take care of your back and neck.

Mattresses Matter: Ergonomic Guidelines

This comprehensive guide from Cornell University's Ergonomics Department will help you choose your next mattress and pillow. This article includes clinical data about the impact of a mattress in reducing or preventing back and neck pain.

Posture: What About It?

Very often painful conditions of the spine and extremities can originate in areas of high stress often precipitated by faulty postures and musculoskeletal imbalances.

Are You Sitting Comfortably? How Your Chair Can Cause Back Pain

There is no single best ergonomic chair. But there are questions to answer to help you determine if the chair is right for you.

Ergonomics: The Human Body and Injury Prevention

Ergonomics is concerned with how our environment interacts with our work. It also looks for ways to decrease the risks of injury and illness. Learn more in this article.

Is Your Work Space Spine-Friendly?

By avoiding excessive strain on your spine, you can leave your office feeling as refreshed as when you came to work. Learn 5 easy things you can do to make your work space more spine-friendly.

Exercise Can Benefit Osteoporosis

Exercise can benefit women and men with osteoporosis by increasing bone strength. A physical therapist can teach patients how to evaluate potential risks.

Exercise Center

SpineUniverse Exercise Center explains flexibility training, stretching, weight training, and how exercise and staying active can benefit all age groups, even people with back pain!