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All About Back Pain Treatments

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Selective (Transforaminal) Epidural Spinal Injection

A pain management experts provides informatino about selective transforaminal epidural spinal injections.

Spiritual Tools to Help You Move Beyond Neck and Back Pain

Using a variety of spiritual tools, you can rise above your chronic pain so that you restore joy to your life and live an expanded existence even when your pain continues. Learn about reframing your thoughts.

Prayer as a Component of Managing Chronic Pain

Many studies have concluded that people with chronic pain frequently rely on religious activities or beliefs, including prayer, to help them cope. Is prayer or meditation something you should consider as part of your pain management plan?

Low-dose Opioids May Help Patients Confront Chronic Back Pain

Opioids in various forms—pills, syrups, anal suppositories, injections, intravenous applications, and skin patches—make life easier for countless people who live with debilitating pain.

6 Ways Regular Exercise Affects Chronic Pain

The stress of persistent pain quickly takes a toll on the body; muscles tighten and become stiff, making even the simplest tasks difficult. Learn six ways regular exercise can help chronic pain.

Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor

If you are scheduled to have spinal surgery, one way to relieve your anxiety about the procedure is to learn all you can about the procedure. This article includes some sample questions that you can take with you to your next appointment.

Second Opinion on Spine Surgery: Rude or Smart?

Most people don't dare to ask for a second opinion?" Although patients may want to get a second opinion, many feel it is being disrepectful. Is it?

The McKenzie System

The McKenzie system is a method of evaluating and treating spinal disorders developed by New Zealand Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie.

Spinal Tap Animation

A spinal tap is a procedure done to look for infection, cancers, and bleeding in this area by taking a sample of the cerebrospinal fluid. This video animation explains why the procedure is useful and will reassure patients.

Vertebral Fusion Animation

Watch this Vertebral Fusion Animation to learn why spine surgeons recommend this type of spine surgery: is it right for your spine condition? Learn about spinal instability and see how spinal fusion is done.

Artificial Disc Replacement Animation

Who can have an artificial disc replacement done to relieve back pain? Find out in this short animation.

Spinal Surgery Complications Animation

Spine surgery comes with risks, and in this short animation, you'll learn about possible spine surgery complications. This will help you make an informed decision about your back pain treatment plan.

Lumbar Laminectomy Animation

Watch this short video on lumbar laminectomy to better understand your spine surgery.

Back and Neck Braces Animation

Has your doctor prescribed a back or neck brace? This video animation explains how a brace works and the purpose of bracing.

Physical Therapy Center

In the SpineUniverse Physical Therapy Center, you'll learn the basics of physical therapy. Your doctor may recommend that you go to PT to strengthen your spinal muscles and help your body deal with back pain. You'll do a mix of passive and active treatments: read about the differences in those treatments and how PT will help you recover from back pain or neck pain.