All About Back Pain Treatments

Chiropractic Subluxations and Adjustments

When subluxations occur, chiropractors use specific techniques to return the vertebrae into their proper positions or mobilize them so they can move freely. These techniques are called spinal manipulations or adjustments. Learn how many of the techniques are performed.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is an herbal remedy used to ease gas, bloating, headache, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress and anxiety. It promotes digestion and helps to control cold sores due to herpes viruses.

Physical Therapy: Questions and Answers

Physical therapy combines passive modalities with active exercise to help patients resume normal activities more quickly.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Center

Minimally invasive spine surgery uses advanced technology and innovative techniques to treat back pain and neck pain caused by different types of spinal disorders.

BMPs and Biologic Materials in Spine Surgery

There has been a great deal of controversy regarding the use of BMP in spine surgery. Jeffrey C. Wang, MD, a practicing spine surgeon and leader in the field of biologic materials, answers our questions in the insightful interview.

Use of Biologics in Spine Surgery

Learn about the advances in biologic materials in spine surgery. Here, Jeffrey C. Wang, MD a practicing spine surgeon and researcher answers our questions during an interview with SpineUniverse.

Patient-Controlled Analgesia – PCA

Patient-controlled analgesia offers patients an element of control over their pain, reduces anxiety and promotes healing, which in turn, can lead to a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Using the Bryan

Replacement of the cervical disc with an artificial disc does not require bone grafting, maintains motion and balance.

Spinal Disc Replacement: The Development of Artificial Discs

Learn about Spinal Disc Replacement and the Development of Artificial Discs.

Lumbar Epidural Injection

A lumbar epidural injection places anti-inflammatory medicine, such as cortisone, near the nerve roots that are inflamed and causing pain. It should relieve pain in the back or legs. Read this full explanation of what happens during the procedure.

Cervical Epidural Injection

Learn what to expect from cervical epidural injections here. An epidural injection places anti-inflammatory medicine into the epidural space to decrease inflammation of the nerve roots, hopefully reducing the pain in the neck, shoulders, and arms.

I Still Have Back Pain! Now What?

For your back pain that won't go away, you can try a multidisciplinary approach. A combination of different treatments, such as massage, acupuncture, and core strengthening exercises, may bring relief from pain.

Artificial Discs: Real Reconstructive Surgery for the Low Back

Artificial disc replacement surgery offers the very latest technology in spine surgery.

The Role of Bone Graft in Spinal Fusion Surgery

Bone graft refers to the use of bone in spinal fusion surgery. Spine surgeons can use bone graft to stop motion between two or more vertebral bodies, stabilize a corrected spinal deformity, or repair spinal fractures.

Foraminotomy: Posterior Cervical

If surgery is undertaken, it is usually performed as a minimally-invasive procedure. The procedure can be performed as a day stay surgery, but most patients stay in hospital for 1-2 nights.