Pain Management, Doctor of Physical Medicine & Rehab in Austin, Texas (TX)

Wesley D. Foreman MD

Pain Management, Doctor of Physical Medicine & Rehab


  • Wesley Foreman MD, PA
    P.O. Box 202846
    Austin, Texas, 78720 - United States
    Phone: 512-324-8672

About Our Practice

Dr. Foreman is a board certified specialist in both Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is fellowship trained in Pain Medicine, recognized as a subspecialty by the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He has extensive training in the management of acute and chronic painful syndromes.

Dr. Foreman treats multiple painful conditions including neck pain (cervical), upper back (thoracic) and lower back (lumbar) spinal stenosis, sciatica (radiculopathy), degenerative disc disease, post-surgery/laminectomy syndrome, sacroiliac joint pain, headaches, RSD and various other painful conditions. Some of the interventional treatments include carefully thought out and executed epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, radiofrequency procedures, cervical and lumbar sympathetic blocks, percutaneous disc decompressions and spinal cord stimulator trials. Great care is taken to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis possible, with appropriate treatment then recommended, including referrals for physical and occupational therapy, psychological evaluations, medications, interventional procedures and referrals for surgical evaluation.

Pain can compromise all aspects of a person's life, deeply affecting family, friends, and impacting one's quality of life. My commitment to a patient-centered, comprehensive, interdisciplinary team approach fosters careful, thorough evaluation and testing, leading to individualized treatment plans. Ongoing attentiveness to patient responses and patient goals form the basis for more effective team collaboration.

  • Pain Management
  • Doctor of Physical Medicine & Rehab
  • Board Certified
  • Fellowship Trained
Hospital Affiliations
  • Seton Northwest Hospital
  • Seton Medical Center
  • Central Park Surgery Center
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