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Pain Management


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About Our Practice

Pain runs indiscriminately through all aspects of medicine and acute pain is often a natural partner of illness. However, chronic pain has no part in healing and is an illness itself. Making people well and making people feel well has held equal importance in our practice of medicine. As pain management specialists, we are intrigued by the multi-faceted components of pain. Its effect on the physical and psychological well being of the individual is powerful and pervasive. Pain management, from our experience and perspective, is an extremely gratifying field in that the relief provided to the individual can have far reaching implications for that person‘s quality of life. From the terminal cancer patient who can more comfortably play with her grandchildren to the man with chronic back pain who can maintain his independence through his continued ability to work, the treatment of pain promises us a part in a wealth of happier endings. Our pain management clinicians are all Certified/Eligible in Pain Management, and Physical Medicine and rehabilitation. Our providers sit on numerous Advisory Boards and are published in the field of Pain Medicine. They specialize in the medical management and are highly skilled in cutting edge, minimally invasive endoscopic discectomy and laser discectomy. Common procedures include transforaminal/translaminar epidurals, selective nerve root blocks, facet/medial branch blocks, Botox/Myoblock, peripheral nerve injections, trigger point injections, orthopedic joint and sympathetic (Celiac, Stellate, Lumbar/Hypogastric) blocks. More specialized procedures, such as implantable narcotic pumps, spinal cord stimulators, and radiofrequency neurolytic techniques are also commonly performed. Most procedures are performed with fluoroscopic guidance or ultrasound, assuring exquisitely accurate injections. Emphasis is on compassion, pain control and return to normal function. We are strongly committed to working with primary care and referring physicians in a coordinated manner in order to provide the best care for our patients.

  • Pain Management
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