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Mr. Hans A. Quistorff, LMP

Massage Therapist


  • 18615 Erickson Rd. KP S
    Longbranch, Washington, 98351 - United States
    Phone: (253) 884-1227

About Our Practice

Hans Albert Quistorff, LMP
Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist
In practice since 1995

Worked at South Hill Chiropractic as X-ray Tech and therapist
now semi retired and work Wednesday as independent contractor
Work with complicated cases that need advanced assessment
Use Structural Relief Therapy and interactive cranio sacral balancing.

Treatment protocols can be learned for self care.
My current research and teaching intention I describe as ReflexPosturology. Documenting the reflexes that can be felt at distent places on the body when a body part is moved. For example if the hips are swayed over one leg the arch on that foot will lower and the other will raise to correspond the changing curvature in the spine. The failure of these normal reflexes demonstrate posture and or spinal failure and help to locate the root cause of chronic pain.

Insurance Accepted
  • PIP or Labor and Industry Protection
  • Massage Therapist
Languages spoken at this practice
  • English
  • French
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18615 Erickson Rd. KP S
Longbranch, Washington, 98351 - United States
Phone: (253) 884-1227
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