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Chiropractor in Duncan, Oklahoma (OK)

Picture of Guy T. Baird DC

Guy T. Baird DC



  • Baird Chiropractic Center, Inc.
    1109 West Walnut
    Duncan, Oklahoma, 73533
    United States
    Phone: 580-255-7224

About Our Practice

CHIROPRACTIC NEUROLOGIST; We specialize in treatment of spine related injuries and conditions. We also see neurological cases for assesment. Upon a complete history appropriate test will be ordered that may include standard x-ray, MRI, CT scan, laboratory, NCV (nerve conduction velocity), EMG (electromyographic muscle testing), and other specialized test. After the appropriate diagnosis Dr. Baird may refer you to a medical specialist for treatment. However many neurological conditions can be treated such as movement disorders like Parkinsons and tardive diskinesias. Herniated disc problems can be managed with spinal decompression therapy and the latest advances in Cold Laser Therapy by Erchonia. Dr. Baird is 1 of only 2 Board certified chiropractic neurology physicians in the State of Oklahoma to have this level of proficiency as of 2009. Dr. Baird also in the only chiropractic physician in Oklahoma to be accepted as a Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurologist. This is a sub-specialty recognized by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Members of the medical profession who are neurologists are also in this group.

Insurance Accepted
  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
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