AVAmax® Advanced Vertebral Augmentation System
21st century approach to vertebral augmentation

Vertebroplasty choice

If you decide the best choice for your patient is vertebroplasty, the AVAmax® system has you covered.

One system, two procedures.

Your choice of cannulas

The AVAmax® system offers three types of traditional access for vertebroplasty, including a coaxial bone and vertebral body biopsy needle—providing clinical flexibility and utility.

Sharp trocar tip
AVAmax® Standard Handle/Stylet Kits feature:
  • Low profile, universal handle preloaded with a sharp, trocar tip stylet for cortical penetration
  • Bevel-tip stylet to facilitate redirection
  • Tapered cannula to provide a smooth transition from stylet tip to outer cannula
  • Radiolucent design
  • Probe for cleaning the cannula


Match-ground bevel tip
AVAmax® Match-Ground Bevel Handle/Stylet Kits feature:
  • Low-profile, universal handle preloaded with a sharp, bevel-tip stylet to facilitate cortical penetration and tip redirection
  • Match-ground cannula to provide a seamless transition from stylet tip to outer cannula
  • Radiolucent design
  • Probe for cleaning the cannula


Franseen-type, triple-crown tip
AVAmax® Coaxial Bone and Vertebral Body Biopsy Needles feature:
  • Franseen-type, triple-crown tip to facilitate medullary advancement and specimen sampling allowing for full core retention without compromise
  • Radiolucent design and centimeter depth markings to indicate the distal tip exposure and assist in sample size verification
  • Needle length that provides up to a 3cm extension beyond the distal tip of the cannula
  • Low profile, transparent luer lock hub
  • 10mL locking aspiration syringe that creates negative pressure, helping to retain the core sample
  • Blunt-tip probe to aid in core sample removal


Updated on: 02/19/13

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