Is Your Practice Website Listed on Google?

Professional man on computerYou’ve spent the money for a good-looking website, you’ve written the articles, the designer has launched the website, and you pop the champagne and feel good about your web presence.

Wait a moment. You’re not finished yet.

Whether your website is brand new or has been on the web for a year, the most important factor is whether or not your website has been found and indexed by the search engines. You are undoubtedly familiar with the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. If your website has not been indexed, it is impossible for the search engine to refer users to your website. Creating or launching a website does not guarantee that your website will be indexed by the search engines.

For Existing Websites
You need to know whether your website has been indexed by the search engines. The easiest way to determine whether your website has been indexed is to go to the specific search engine and use the provided tools.

Go to and search for:

This will provide you with a list of all of your webpages that have been indexed by Google.

Yahoo and MSN
Go to and and do the same search:

You will now have a complete list of the pages on your website that have been indexed by each of the major search engines.

Advanced Searches
You can also check to see if your website has been indexed for specific search terms that are of interest to you. For example, if you needed to know whether your website could be found on a search for a neurosurgeon in Chicago, you might search for
Chicago neurosurgeon

This will show you the pages from your site that would match on a search for Chicago neurosurgeon. Remember that search engines are machines. They do not think. If you do not have a page on your website that includes both these terms, the search engine cannot match your site to this search.

My website isn’t listed. What do I do?
If your website is new, your website designer should take basic steps to ensure your website can be found by the search engines. The simplest way to accomplish this goal is to ensure that your website is listed in your SpineUniverse practice listing. Be sure to complete the practice description area, as this will enhance the effectiveness of your listing.

You should also attempt to have other related websites link to your website. Many professional associations allow you to include your website in your membership listing, and you should always take advantage of this opportunity.

It is common for new websites to remain unindexed for a few months after launch; however, if more than 60 days have elapsed since the creation of your SpineUniverse listing, you may have a problem. Your website may be structured in a way that prevents search engines from accessing your pages, or your pages may not include content that can be indexed. Professional help may be required to correct the problem..

If you have an older website that is not listed on the search engines, this usually means that the search engines found no links to your website. Again, your first step should be to create a SpineUniverse practice listing with a record of your website address.

If Yahoo and MSN have indexed your site, but it is not indexed by Google, this in all likelihood means that your website has been de-indexed as a result of the use of optimization techniques which are forbidden by Google. You may need the assistance of a professional to correct the problems.

Search Engine Optimization
Simply having an indexed website will not guarantee you a high ranking on the search engines. A variety of techniques exist that will improve the likelihood of your website having a higher ranking for a specific search term. Normally, a specialist in search engine optimization will be required to execute these steps correctly.

Updated on: 02/04/16
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