Cervical Spine Injuries, Fractures and Whiplash - Avulsions at C5

Endplate Avulsions of the Disc at C5

Subtotal Cartilaginous endplate avulsions of the disc C5
Subtotal cartilaginous endplate avulsions of the disc at C5. At autopsy, small hematomas were found in the prevertebral muscles at these levels. All radiograms were normal. The annulus fibrosus is intact. Note the hematoma in the longus colli muscle. Several partial and one total cartilaginous endplate avulsion, several uncovertebral and facet joint injuries and complete ruptures of the atlanto–occipital joints and ligaments were also found in this specimen.

©2000 Wolfgang Rauschning, M.D., Ph.D.
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Academic University Hospital
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Uppsala, Sweden
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Updated on: 09/18/12

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