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Upper Back Pain Center

Upper back pain is not as common as neck pain or low back pain. This is because the thoracic spine doesn't move as much as the cervical (neck) or lumbar (low back) spines, so there aren't as many injuries associated with overuse.  In the Upper Back Pain Center, you can learn more about the causes, symptoms, and common treatments of upper back pain.  

Facts & Tips
One of the thoracic spine's main jobs is to protect the internal organ in the chest cavity (heart, lungs, etc.)
Updated on: 12/17/12

Exams and Tests to Diagnose Upper Back Pain

You should make an appointment to see a doctor for upper back pain if the pain is severe or lasts more than a week. He or she will do several exams and tests, including a physical exam, to find the cause of your pain.

Back Pain Research and Treatment Updates

Article includes links to back pain research and treatment updates. As new findings are released, this page will be updated to include the most recent information. The goal is to help you learn about your condition and become a more informed patient.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain, or mid-back pain, is pain in the thoracic spine, and is most often caused by muscle sprain, strain, or fatigue. Other soft tissue injuries can also cause back pain. There are a couple other common causes of upper back pain: Learn what they are in this overview article.

What Is Upper Back Pain?

The upper back, also known as the mid-back or thoracic spine, isn't as prone to pain as the neck and low back are. Learn about the basics of upper back pain.

Take Charge of Your Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is commonly caused by poor posture, muscle strain, hard coughing, or incorrect body mechanics. This information provides many "first pain response" at-home treatments to help ease upper back pain.

Physical Therapy to Relieve Upper Back Pain

A physical therapist can help you learn good posture, strengthen your spinal muscles, and improve your overall health. Learn how physical therapy can help reduce your upper back pain.