Surgery for Spinal Stenosis: Video

An Orthopaedic Surgeon Explains Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

As a top orthopaedic surgeon and Chief of the UCLA Spine Service, Dr. Jeffrey Wang is a trustworthy source when it comes to reviewing your surgical options for spinal stenosis.

In this video, Dr. Wang reviews the most common surgical procedures for spinal stenosis.  He also explains new technologies that are emerging to relieve pain caused by spinal stenosis.  For example, Dr. Wang talks about interspinous spacers.  The spacers go in between your spinous processes, which are the parts of your vertebrae you can feel by running your hand down your spine (Dr. Wang points out the spinous processes on a model of the spine.)  The interspinous spacer is used to create more room for your nerves as they exit the spine through openings called foramen.  If there’s more room, your nerves may not get pinched.

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Updated on: 07/10/14