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FAQs about Flatback Syndrome

A loss of normal lumbar (low back) lordosis (spinal curvature) or actual kyphosis in the lumbar spine may produce a symptom called flatback syndrome.

What is Syringomyelia?

Syringomyelia (see-ringo-my-lia) is a progressive disorder in which a fluid-filled cyst, or syrinx, forms within the spinal cord. Given time.....

Coccydynia is Tailbone Pain

There is no definitive cause for coccydynia. However, trauma from falling or being bumped, repetitive action (extensive bike riding or rowing), or childbirth can cause tailbone pain. Aside from an injury, coccydynia can appear to be spontaneous.

Spina Bifida: A Neural Tube Defect

Spina Bifida occurs in 7 out of every 10,000 live births in the United States. It is estimated that approximately 70,000 people in the United States have Spina Bifida.

Vertebral Osteomyelitis: Rare Spinal Infection Can Cause Severe Back Pain

Vertebral osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone usually caused by bacteria. In the spine it is commonly found in the vertebrae, although the infection can spread into the epidural and intervertebral disc spaces.

Chiari Malformation: A Basic Overview

Chiari malformation is a condition that causes brain tissue to settle into the spinal canal. It develops where your skull and neck (cervical spine) come together; when part of the skull is either too small or misshapen, part of the brain can settle into the foramen magnum.


Arachnoiditis is a debilitating condition characterized by severe stinging and burning pain and neurologic problems. It is caused by an inflammation of the arachnoid lining—one of the 3 linings that surround the brain and spinal cord.

Pain Dictionary for Patients

A dictionary of terms associated with back pain for patients.

Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet joint syndrome is a common cause of pain related to the spine. The facet joints can become inflamed secondary to injury or arthritis and cause pain and stiffness.

Study: Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery for Metastatic Spinal Tumors

A patient-friendly explanation of study on the effectiveness of stereotactic body radiosurgery on patients with metastatic spinal tumors.

A Closer Look at Lordosis

Swayback is often caused by lordosis; an abnormal inward curve of the lumbar spine.

Surgery and Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Study

A patient-friendly explanation of study on surgery's effectiveness on patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy.

Cervical Sports Injuries: The Stinger

A stinger, sometimes called a burner, is an injury that occurs when the head or neck is hit to one side causing the shoulder to be pulled in the opposite direction.

Intervertebral Disc Infection: Discitis and How it Affects Children

Discitis, an infection of the intervertebral disc, is more common in children than in adults. Article explains causes, symptoms, and treatment options for the childhood form of discitis.

Synovial Cysts in the Spine

Synovial cysts in the spine are benign (not cancer), fluid-filled sacs that develop in the facet joints of the lumbar spine as a result of degeneration. A synovial cyst in the low back is pictured and a spine surgeon explains how a cyst is diagnosed and treated.