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How to Support a Loved One with Chronic Spine-Related Pain

I’m writing to tell you how you can be a good friend and supportive ally to me throughout my journey with chronic back and neck pain. Years ago, without choice or cause, I was thrust into another world. It’s a complicated place, where physical abilities and mental challenges abound....

Common Chronic Pain Questions

The term chronic pain is generally used to describe pain that has lasted for more than six months. It isn't always clear what causes chronic pain. There are several possibilities.

Surgery for Chronic Pain

Surgery is a last resort option for chronic pain, but in some cases, it may be necessary. Learn when doctors recommend surgery for chronic pain patients.

Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is much more than pain. It can lead to other physical, social, and emotional problems that can feel overwhelming.

Ergonomics and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can make it difficult to get through a day at work, but ergonomics (the study of how we work) can help. Practicing good ergonomic principals on the job may enable you to control your pain.

Types of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has two main categories: pain that comes from injured nerves and pain that comes from anything besides the nerves.

Exams and Tests to Diagnose Chronic Pain

Your doctor will need to run several exams and tests, and through all of it, he or she will be trying to figure out what's causing your chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Center

The SpineUniverse Chronic Pain Center provides access to information about chronic back or neck pain, including diagnosis, treatment and living with chronic spine pain.

Interventional Chronic Pain Management

Interventional pain management specialists offer an array of treatment options for chronic pain sufferers. Learn about injections, spinal cord stimulation, and more.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is hard to define because it affects people so differently and can come in so many forms.

Anatomy of Chronic Pain

Nerves are what enable us to feel pain, so if you have chronic pain, there's probably something wrong with your nerves.

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Chiropractic care can help address many chronic pain symptoms. Learn what chiropractic treatment options are available to help you manage your chronic pain.

Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be caused by so many things: injury, disease, infection. But often, the exact cause isn't known. Read this article to learn the general categories of chronic pain causes.

Drugs and Medications for Chronic Neck and Back Pain

For chronic back pain, you will probably try several medications. There are many types, and your doctor will work with you to find the right one (or ones) for your particular pain. Article explains typically prescribed drugs and how they help.

Chronic Pain Research and Treatment Updates

Article includes links to current chronic pain research and treatment updates. As new study findings are released, this page will be updated, so you'll always be on the forefront of chronic back pain news and research.