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Posted in: Surgery.

Cervical spine fusion C2-T2

From: pattylouise - on 02/22/2011 7:45am

Soon, I'm having a cedrvical spine fusion from C2-T2 with instrumentation and c4-c5 laminectomy. Has anyone had such extensive surgery before? if so, can you tell me what to expect afterwards as far as mobility of the neck or other limitations? Thanks. I'm very scared.

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on 02/22/2011 4:30pm

I had a C1-C2 fusion in 1983, and the mobility with rotation (side to side) has been limited somewhat. Flexion and extension (up and down) were affected less. But if you are not including C1, it might be less of an issue. Post op, I was in a halo-brace for six months while the fusion healed. Be sure to follow your doctor's orders during this stage! Very important to enable things to heal after such a traumatic surgery.

Wish I had more to offer right now, Pattylouise. Get as much information about your surgery as possible. Not that that alone will calm you fears.

You will be in my prayers.

I'm looking for advise myself from anyone who has experienced severe rear neck muscle spasms - as I currently am - nearly 30 years post op.