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Posted in: Spinal tumors.

Nerve Sheath Tumor

From: yaohua - on 11/03/2010 1:00am

My recent MRI showed that I have a "Nerve Sheath Tumor" in the area of T12 and L1. What is Nerve Sheath Tumor? Is it cancer tumor? Should I have a surgery to remove it? Are there any non-invasive treatment for this type of tumor? Is the surgery of removing it considered invasive? The tumor/lesion is approx. 6mm in superoinferior dimension and 7mm in axial dimension. The radiogist who read the MRI also suggested the possibility that this is a drop metastasis, much less likely ependymoma or hemangioblastoma. Please help me understand the situation. Thanks.

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on 11/03/2010 11:44am

Hi...A nerve sheath tumor is a type of tumor of the nervous system (nervous system neoplasm) which is made up primarily of the myelin surrounding nerves. ... It can be cancer if not treated, my father had this and he is doing great he is 92 years old. They removed it and it never came back.
Go to the website I listed and they will answer all your question. Its very important that you relax and put your faith in God. I will keep you in my prayers...Please let me know what you decide to do, and how you are doing. But you will need surgery to remove it, you don't want it to get worst...its lesions
around the spinal metastases.(drop metastasis)...


Read more:http://www.righthealth.com/topic/Nerve_Sheath_Tumor?p=l&as=msn&ac=529&kgl=38553173#ixzz14EYgGf5j

on 11/06/2010 11:31am

Thank you for your info on nerve sheath tumor (NST). I found more info at the site you suggested. As I was reading varies topics on this site, I found out a little more about your own situation. I hope you will get better on the stimulater procedure. I am also from Texas, less than 3 hours driving from Austin. My children live there.
I can't relax on my condition. I am nervous, worry, etc. I am learning deep breathing to try to calm myself down. I will go to see another neurosurgeon for a second opinion. I went to my current neurosurgeon last month and I was told to have another set of MRA/MRI in early Dec. to decide if "I" want to have a surgery to have it removed it. (Looks like it is my decision to make.) The radiologist who read the film said that I have NST, should I have another procedure or biopsy to confirm that it is a NST, or just go ahead to have it removed. I am scared. The nervousness has caused my blood pressure high which is not good because I was diagnosed by accident that I have a brain aneurysm. These two medical issues created abundance of anxieties on my mind. I found that "mind" problem is a lot more difficult to manage/control than physical ones. I can't just tell myself to just relax and the mind will relax. Other than these two imminent physical problems, I am otherwise very healthy on any counts. Now, I have to add the "mind" game. Many times, I feel that I can't cope the mind problem. I fit into the category of "worry to death". I can't help it.

on 11/06/2010 2:08pm

yaohua...listen I was the same way, I was so nervous that my Neuro Dr. put me on Valium to keep me calm, it help me alot. Also I see a therapist and I was put into the hospital because my depression got the best of me. I was at that point where I throught I would be better died than alive. Once I got to the hospital I relize I was not along. I was hospitalize for two weeks, but I got better. Still see my therapist and I take depression medication along with valium. Blood pressure med, ultram for pain, and norco 10-325 daily. Remember get someone to talk to, what part of Texas you live in, I live in Killeen. I'm so glad I got a great neurosugeron, he is available for me each time I call.
Please do the MRA/MRI it may show something diff, that maybe the surgery will help you. Ever want to talk please email me...I don't work, due to my back and RSD....I will pray very hard for you, and always do what is best for you....let me know how you are doing and what your test results show...


on 11/17/2010 12:29am

As I said that the mind is more difficult to manage/control. I have been having problem dealing with my mind. I have anxiety, headache, and fast heart beating. Recently, I practiced meditation (learning it from books), but it works slowly and temporarily. I went to see my family doctor, and he wants to put me on medication. I refused. So I am working super hard to overcome my problem with my mind. Currently I found that exercise works the best. Everyday I feel good after exercises. I began spending many hours in the gym. However, same problem will still creep into my mind without warning. I am taking pain pills for headache only.
Thanks for your prayer. I am learning to pray also. BTW, I am from Houston.

on 11/17/2010 4:28pm

yaohua - glad to know that you are doing better. I'm in the third day of SCS and it works good. Just the area where it is put hurts like hell. My depression is getting better, because I've started to go for a walk each morning with my walker. It hurts but I'm going to keep it up. I learn that reading and listening to music calms my nervous. So, keep up the good work you are doing, keep in touch. I will let you know how the perm SCS work, I pray I don't have any problem because right now I'm at least 50% pain feel sometime more. Lots of luck with your condition....my prayers are with you...My family live in Houston,,going there for Xmas God willing....take care..need to talk please contact me...

on 12/25/2010 11:45pm

Well, in order to have my nerve sheath tumor removed, I need to have a coil embolization procedure done before the laminectomy (spine surgery) b/c a 4 mm aneurysm was found in my brain in October accidently. Nuerosurgeon would not do any spine surgery unless I get the aneurysm taken care. Last two months were not very pleasant b/c I was nervous and my mind was on both the aneurysm and nerve sheath tumor. Right now a coil procedure is scheduled in January. My blood pressure has increased because I can't relax and not to worry.

on 12/30/2010 3:11am

I found out in the latter part of 2009 by the means of an MRI that I had a nerve sheath tumor in my T12 area. I had had shocking groin pain where the nerve ended for five years and no one thought to look at my spine and the tumor was found by accident. I had surgery in February 2010 to remove the tumor.
I had no problems at all, was out of hospital in three days and am still pain free after nearly twelve months. I had a check up MRI after three months and was told that I had a Tarlov cyst grown where the tumor was but so far this has caused no problem. The tumor was about 2 inches with the stalk.
Hope this is helpful

on 01/25/2011 6:29pm

I just want to comment on your inability to sleep because of your chronic pain. I have certainly had anxious thoughts at night due to my pain and fear around it. My PT in Boulder has an exercise that helps reduce my stress at times. It might be of help to you:http://mindbodyphysicaltherapy.com/2011/01/156/

Wish you well.

on 03/22/2011 7:50pm

I recently found out I have a nerve sheath cyst located to the right of T 6-7. After pain, problems breathing etc...radiating into chest from exact area. I also have other areas in thoracic with problems -- protusions to soine... Lots of pain... Tingling in arms & legs. I do not have a Dr in my area that knows anything..... Just can't have surgery in that area they say. I also have DDD. I don't know what caused all this.

I am looking for a really good DR. I'm in TN but willing to travel if I have to... Any recommendations
I am new to this board..... At least glad to know someone else has this. I hope you all here are much better by now....